A collaboration of a modern event space, one-of-a-kind catering stations, and live music takes this event to new heights

Corporate catering gatherings don’t need to be bland. Take notes from Benihana, a Japanese cuisine chain restaurant, which threw a fresh, modern party for its team at Scottsdale Private Event VenuesHeli Hanger.

This night was all about blending the food, drinks and live music into one memorable experience for its guests. The helicopter hanger provided the perfect unique indoor and outdoor experience with stellar views of the desert.

Guests rolled up to the event on busses and were greeted with various mixologist stations creating plenty of concoctions. To really kick off the night, a sake toast signaled that the fun was just beginning.

Throughout the event, hand-passed skewered appetizers such as watermelon and feta, lemon parmesan chicken, and rosemary scented shrimp skewers kept attendees satisfied with bursts of flavor.

To add a unique touch, interactive dinner stations showcasing our talented Chefs, pleased the guests with a hanging salad wall that served a classic southwest Caesar. Another station served a crispy seared barramundi with preserved lemon risotto, micro mint and citrus salsa.

We aimed to further elevate the culinary experience with a suspended martini station that included our signature beer braised shredded short ribs. The final food station offered a butternut squash and ricotta tortellini.

To continue the interactive dishes, dessert included a show with tantalizing flames. The treat included a home-style donut that our chef would light on fire and then top off with a scoop of vanilla bean gelato along with our house-made salted caramel sauce.

If guests craved more sweets, a mobile donut station traveled the event with an assortment of Oreo, sprinkled, glazed and crumb donuts.

The trendy vibes of the Heli Hanger, our innovative dishes and the live entertainment collided to create a truly contemporary and unforgettable event. To book your event at one of the Scottsdale Private Event Venue Hangars, contact hello (@) artisanbysbc.com to begin your planning!