So exciting for all of us here at Santa Barbara and for our client! On May 14, the International Special Events Society (ISES) held its fourth annual Arizona Event Industry Awards (The ZONIES) at Chase Field.  ISES honored Arizona’s top industry professionals from 2009 in 13 award categories. Artisan by Santa Barbara Catering took home the award for Best Corporate Event under $25,000 for our planning and execution of the “Agency Event of the Year.”

Zion & Zion, one of Phoenix’s top five full-service marketing agencies wanted to celebrate the opening of its new facility just off Mill Avenue in Tempe with a by-invitation-only party for over 200 guests.

They wanted to present dishes in a creative ways to reflect the creativity of their agency.  In addition they wanted to incorporate southern-comfort foods with an elegant touch, while not straying from their environmentally-friendly values.

By generating new trends for the industry, such as the DJ performing on the ceiling of one of the Zion & Zion conference rooms, to the specialty lighting and the unique presentations of the fare, we’re proud to say that our event execution received rave reviews from invited media and secured us a 2010 ZONIES award.